About Fremont Locksmith


Essential Locksmith Services Offered by Fremont Locksmith

A good locksmith should be able to pick a lock and let you into your car or home, quickly. Locksmith's at Fremont Locksmith do much more than that. Our employees are trained in different specialities. A forensic locksmith isn't going to show up and unlock your car door, and an apprentice at Fremont Locksmith isn't going to install a security system for your multimillion dollar business, but we do have essential locksmith services that we think all locksmith's, and not just us at Fremont Locksmith, should master before starting their own business.


A Fremont Locksmith can make your keys quick and easily, either by hand or machine. This can be particularly useful if you've broken off a key into your car or another door lock.  We at Fremont Locksmith will extract the rogue key and make a copy of it, with a guarantee. Fremont Locksmith can use molds and many different techniques to make a new key for your lock that will fit just right. It's what we, at Fremont Locksmith have been doing longest.


If your house is ever broken into, one of Fremont Locksmith forensic locksmith's will go to the house to collect evidence and try to find subjects, and another Fremont Locksmith will go with him or her to sort it out as quickly as possible, by replacing locks and securing the house so you can sleep at night without worry of another break in. Fremont Locksmith has got you covered.


If there is a break in a forensic locksmith appointed by Fremont Locksmith can collect evidence to find out who did it, and a regular locksmith from Fremont Locksmith can replace all the locks fast and efficiently, while giving the house some extra security if you want it, such as a temporary alarm system that we at Fremont Locksmith will monitor free for a bit until permanent measures are put into place to prevent another break in.


Locksmiths at Fremont Locksmith realize that sliding doors, which are gaining popularity, can be trouble if they aren't secured properly from the inside and outside with a lock. Fremont Locksmith uses a deadbolt lock so the sliding door has to be locked with a key, this stops accidental lockouts. This makes them harder to tamper with and much more difficult for somebody to break in without breaking the entire door.